We have been introducing many apps for Mac OS X since 2000. We hope to help you find your apps more easily.

Mac App Store came out on January 7, 2011. Mac App Store is surely convenient as same as iOS App Store. However categorizing is insufficient, and it is difficult to distinguish good apps from others because there are too many apps. This site provides you much information such as price, markdown, detail, and user impressions of mac apps. We hope to help you find your apps more easily.

We have been introducing apps since 2000, when Mac OS X was born. Based on the long-term experience, we made this website as the branch suitable for Mac App Store Apps. Please notify to us if you find good apps.

"Thanks for your help and for being a part of Mac-App-Search history. We couldn't do it without you."

- Cited from Apple's greetings to Mac OS X Public Beta testers in 2000, and modified. -

[Update] July 1, 2012 10:25 EST

Apps Category (All apps : more than 8794)

Internet & Network

Web Browser, Plugin & Aid for Web Browser , Safari related, Safari Extention, RSS & ATOM, Address Book (URL/Mail Address/Update Check), Mailer App, Apple Mail related, Chat & Instant Message, Connect & Mount servers, Network Information/IP Address, Remote Control, @FIREWALL@, Change Network Environment, IP phone & FAX, File Transfer (FTP etc), Peer to Peer (P2P), Downloader, Online Storage (iDisk, Dropbox, etc), News & Information, Board, Web Movies (Youtube/Flash movies), Auction, Google, Blog, Net Radio & Streaming, TV Program & iEPG, Web Photo (Flickr etc), Social Network Service (SNS), Twitter/Facebook, Others of Web Service, Web Development/Web Page Design, Run Web Server,

Sound & Music

Make, Edit, and Convert Sound, Desktop Music(DTM)/Compose, Convert Sound/Sound Effect, Record Sounds, Vocal Synthesizer, Analyse Sound, Play Sounds/Music Player, iTunes related, Plugin for iTunes, Awake with iTunes, @iPod@, Music Attributes(ID3/Information/Lyrics), Artificial Sound, Radio, GarageBand related,


Make and Edit Movies, Convert Movies, Record Movies, Subtitles, Movie Player, iMovie, Plugin for iMovie, @iPod@, QuickTime CODEC, Play DVD/BLU-RAY, Make DVD/BLU-RAY, Rip DVD/BLU-RAY, Information of DVD/BLU-RAY, Capure Pictures form Movie, Media Center, MPEG2TS/AVCHD(mts/m2ts), Others of Movies,

Picture & Photo

Paint & Design, Illustrate/Draw/Vector, Convert Picures/Photo Effect, Icon, Barcode, Make other picures, Screen Capture, Photo Viewer, iPhoto/Aperture related, 3D Design, CAD, Make Movies from Photos/Slideshow Movies, Disk Label / Jacket Design, Othes of Picture/Photo,

Text & Document

Text Editor, Document Viewer, Memo Pad/Diary, Table/Graph, Electoric Book, Make Letters/Address, Mind Map, OCR, Presentation, Office Suite(Microsoft OFFICE/Apple iWork), PDF, @HTML@, Othes of Text/Documents, Others of Documents,

System & Customize

MacOS, Windows, UNIX, General Setting, Desktop, Icon, Screensaver(.saver), Make Screensaver, Widget, Contextual Menu, Window, Menu Bar, Dock, QuickLook, Clipboard, Font, Time Machine, Display Resolution, Mission Control/Launchpad, System Information, Optimize System/Maintenance, Security, Anitvirus, Firewall/Net FIltering, Startup, Shutdown, Sleep systems , Input Method(IM)/Text Snippets, Keybord Shortcut (HotKey/Functionak Key), Virtual Desktop, Convinient goods for system, File Attributes(Meta/Tag), File Browser, Find files, Delete Files, Uninstall Application, @Recover Files@, Copy Files, Renamer/Reneame files, Others of sytem and customize,


Syncronize/BackUp, DataBase(FileMaker/SQL/Access), Manage Passwords, Manage Money/account Book, Address Book (URL/Mail), Manage Property, Manage other data, File Recovery, Launcher, Develop software, Calculator, Compression/Extraction, Encryption, Disk Image, Color Picker, GPS/Position/Tracking, Clock, Timer, Calendar/Schedule/TODO/iCal, Automated Task, Others of utilities,

Game & Enjoyment

Puzzle, FPS/Action, RPG/Strategy, Shooting, Simulation, Racing, Card Game, Board Game, Joke/Mascot, Sport Game, Adventure/Story, Quiz, Memory Game/Brain Training, Word Game/CrossWords, Blocks & Arcade, Pinball, Game for Adult, Others of Game/Enjoyment,


Hardware Maintenance, Hardware Monitor, Benchmark, CPU, Memory/RAM, Battery, Monitor & Display, Others of Mac Hardware, Printer/Scanner, Mouse/Keyboard, Wireless LAN/WiFi/AirMac, Burn Discs, Hard Disk, Remote Controller/AppleRemote, Mobile Phone, Others of Mobile Device, iSight/Web Camera, Others of peripheral, Emulator, Game Console, Others of Hardware,

Education & Learning

Japanese/Chinese, English, Other Languages, Encyclopedia/, Translate, EPWING, Medicine/Nurse/Hospital, Mathematics, Universe, Biology, Others of science, Enoconomy/Law/Politics, Geography/History, Typing, Greeting/Business, Religion, Flash Cards, Manage Articles, For Children, Others of Education/Learning,

iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Syncronize and copy iPod/iPhone/iPad, Movies for iPod/iPhone/iPad, Others of iPod/iPhone/iPad Basic Function, JailBreak, iOS File Browser, ipa related, iOS-Mac data share, iOS App Development, AirPrint, iOS Wallpaper, iOS Ringtone, Others of iOS related, Others of iPod/iPhone/iPad,

Special Collection

Free Softwares to be first installed, 東日本大震災の復興支援関連,

Categories of MacAppStore

Business, Developer Tools, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Music, News, Photography, Productivity, Reference, Social Networking, Sport, Travel, Utilities, Video, Weather, Graphics & Design,