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「Secrets of the Vatican - EXTENDED EDITION」 

制作者 Anuman サイズ 117.7 MB
バージョン 2.0 () 必要環境
対応言語 英語, フランス語, ドイツ語, イタリア語, スペイン語,
60点 (100点満点) ※出来ではありません



★ 拡張版がついに登場 ★ ! 拡張版で ★ HdO ★アイテム探しゲームを発見あるいは再発見しよう! ✔ 新たな謎 ✔ 新画面 ✔ 新アイテム ✔ 新ミニゲーム ✔ 新キャラクター ✔ キーアイテム収集用に改良されたアニメーションインターフェース ✔ パワーアップしたゲーム体験 ✔ キャラ寿命を延長 Travel around the world with the Father Bagatti to get back the fragments of the Holy Lance de Longin. The end of the Second World War depends on your success! Among all the relics spread across the world, the Holy Lance of Longin is considered as the most wanted one. This weapon, which would have leaked out the side of Jesus during his crucifixion, would make victorious the men who possess it… Father Bellarmo Bagatti, art historian of the Church of Roma, is in charge of a mission of the highest importance: get back the Holy Lance before Germans seize it. The ending of World War II is depending on your success. Open up your eyes, and help Father Bellarmo Bagatti in his quest! A THRILLING ADVENTURE: Travel in 4 different countries, decode a secret code, access to hidden places to achieve your mission: find the Holy Lance of Longin. To do so, you’ll have to find the parts of the seals of Paris, Roma, Istanbul and Berlin, and find the pieces of the Holy Lance to put them together again. USEFUL HINTS: Thanks to the x2 zoom, dive into the pictures! And if you still miss some objects, use the Hint: a shiny halo helps you to find one of the objects. MAGNIFICIENT SETS: Explore a chapel in Paris, ruins in Istanbul, a monastery in Roma, or a church in Berlin. Discover all the sceneries in greatest detail. CONTENT: - 24 places to visit around the world - Free navigation - 3 profiles management - Search of objects (of a list, identical objects, to collect) - Unlimited help: x2 zoom, reloading hints - Magnificent sets: high resolution images With HdO Adventure – Secrets of Vatican, you’re living the adventure!

現在価格: ¥850 (2013/08/12現在)

最近(180日)の価格変動履歴 (2013/08/12現在)

850円 (2011/11/29〜)
450円 (2011/11/26〜)
850円 (2011/11/03〜)
500円 (2011/09/08〜)
0円 (2011/05/13〜)


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