Seller Akihiro Noguchi Category Social Networking
App Size 4.1 MB Requirements OS X 10.6.6 or later
Version 2.74 (Mar 12, 2012)
Languages English, Japanese


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YoruFukurou (NightOwl) is a powerful native Twitter client for Mac OS X, designed for Twitter addicts.
Developer: @aki
User Interface Designer: @hydroxygenic
- Manage multiple Twitter accounts
- Create tabs from rules (user IDs, keywords and regular expressions)
- Create Twitter search tabs
- Create tabs from Lists
- Block unwanted Tweets (user IDs, keywords, regular expressions and application name)
- Powerful keyboard shortcuts
- Real-time streaming support
- Conversation view
- Single user view
- Change font size
- Unread management (hit space key to read through unread Tweets)
- Powerful notification support (sound and growl)
- Two different appearance modes (normal view and mini view)
- Image preview
- "Paste to YoruFukurou" bookmarklet for web browsers
- Autocompletion (user IDs and hashtags)
- Now browsing & now playing
- Upload images
- Customizable image service
- Instant filter
- URL shortening and expansion
- Customizable URL shortener
- Translation

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YoruFukurou (NightOwl) is a native Twitter client for Mac OS X. for 10.6+ (Snow Leopard): Download from Mac App Store or Download (Version 2.76) · Changelog. Features of YoruFukurou. Create Tabs from Rules and Lists. You can filter ...

2012年4月23日 ... TwitterクライアントのYoruFukurou(夜フクロウ)について簡単にご紹介。

13 Apr 2012 ... Today, Carmen takes a look at the Twitter client YoruFukuRou. Get it here: http:// itunes.apple.com/us/app/yorufukurou/id428834068?mt=12 Follow us on Twitter:.. .

4 May 2012 ... Explicando lo que tiene el cliente Twitter para Mac que yo recomiendo... esto para dejar atras el usar Twitter desde el navegador.

2011年1月9日 ... Der "Profi"-Twitterclient für den Mac. - Hier sind die Links aus der Sendung: http:// twitter.com/yobisquirrel http://twitter.com/nilsandresen - http://twitte...

29 Jul 2012 ... YoruFukurou (NightOwl) is a powerful native Twitter client for Mac OS X, designed for Twitter addicts.

YoruFukurou. YoruFukurou (NightOwl) is a native Twitter client for Mac OS X. What's New. Version 2.76: Implemented a behavior to use Notification Center to notify Tweets if Growl is not running (OS X 10.8+); Fixed the rendering problems in ...

24 Apr 2010 ... There is no shortage of free Twitter clients for all platforms, but YoruFukurou, a Mac-only client, offers a couple of interesting features not found in some of.

28 Feb 2011 ... YoruFukurou (“Night Owl”) is a high quality, totally free Twitter client that will appeal to a wide cross-section of people. There are some who keep Twitter open all day long, every day, and absolutely need to know what's going ...

Download free YoruFukurou 2.74 Mac: If you are looking for a Twitter client, YoruFukurou is a good option. Download YoruFukurou free and enjoy Twitter on your Mac with many additional options.

YoruFukurou is a very easy to use native Twitter client for Mac OS X. Keyboard shortcuts: · Space - Select the oldest unread tweet in the selected tab · Enter - Reply to selected tweet · Cmd + Enter - Reply to all users related to selected tweet ...

9 Jan 2011 ... When Twitter for Mac was released on the day of the launch of the Mac App Store , I, like probably millions of others, immediately downloaded and started using it. My first impression was that it's very a handsom-looking app ...

Download YoruFukurou 2.74 for Mac OS, YoruFukurou is a Twitter client for Mac OS X designed to help you manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.

20 Jun 2012 ... Whether you're a Twitter power user or a casual Tweeter if you've tried any of the native OS X Twitter clients you've probably found yourself feeling a bit short changed. Don't worry though, YoruFukurou is here to salvage your ...

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Total tweets : 9086
2012/8/12/ XX:XX:XX:
For the time being back to YoruFukurou. Tweetbot for Mac is still buggy and right now, I am not able to follow my Timeline properly.
2012/8/12/ 13:9:27
Yorufukurou makes me regret paying money for Echofon for the Mac (though not for the iPhone). It's way more my kind of Twitter interface.
2012/8/12/ 3:47:42
@BaRoRaH Frank Deloupe the twin of ColorCop on windows | Tweetbot still Alpha tho alternive twitter for Mac or YoruFukurou 2⃣
2012/8/11/ 1:45:55
@swesley_perth YoruFukurou works great, including translations. Looks great on a Mac too #TwitterClients
2012/8/10/ 7:4:8
Trying YoruFukurou, the Twitter client for Mac http://t.co/J6OCJ5CV It looks pretty good. It has a couple of interesting features.
2012/8/9/ 10:54:4
reminder that everyone should get a Mac and download YoruFukurou
2012/8/9/ 1:16:18
@RichardR On Mac, I use YoruFukurou, on Android I use Twicca, and on iOS, Tweetbot seems to be the best out there.
2012/8/8/ 16:27:40
Playing with TweetBot public alpha: http://t.co/887sHQdj Slick UI, similar to the official Mac Twitter app. Still liking YoruFukurou!
2012/8/8/ 10:23:49
@soulstrauss I use client apps on Mac (YoruFukurou)
2012/8/8/ 7:56:14
@thatjeffsmith YoruFukurou, if you’re on a Mac.
2012/8/8/ 7:52:28
How come YoruFukurou 2.76 isn't in the Mac App Store?
2012/8/7/ 15:40:48
@ChrisGrenon @BeeZee05 No, i'm still using YoruFukurou for Mac, not one application comes close to it as far as customization
2012/8/5/ 23:20:13
@tigrayrocks the other one that's in there is the one I use for YoruFukurou, the client for the mac.
2012/8/5/ 15:46:54
Trying out Tweetbot for mac. I think once I get the hang of it, I will like it better than YoruFukurou (which behaves weirdly on my new mac)
2012/8/5/ 13:2:28


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