OS X Lion Server

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App Size 17.2 MB Requirements OS X 10.7 or later
Version 10.7.4 (May 09, 2012)
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Lion Server is the next generation of Apple’s award-winning server software. Designed for OS X and iOS devices, Lion Server makes it easy to share files, schedule meetings, synchronize contacts, host your own website, publish wikis, distribute podcasts, remotely access your network, and more.
Mac OS X Server is now a set of applications you can purchase right from the Mac App Store. Anyone can quickly and easily turn a Mac running Lion into a server that’s perfect for home offices, businesses, schools, and hobbyists alike.
File Sharing
• File sharing for Mac, PC, and iPad
• Standards-based AFP, SMB, and WebDAV file services
• Flexible file permissions
• Spotlight searching
Mail Services
• Standards-based SMTP, IMAP, and POP server
• Push notifications
• SSL encryption
• Adaptive junk mail filtering
• Virus detection and quarantine
• Webmail with email rules and vacation messages
iCal Server
• Share calendars, schedule meetings and events, and book conference rooms

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29 Dec 2011 ... In many ways, Mac OS X Lion Server (version 10.7; Mac App Store link) succeeds, but it's hampered by UI annoyances and inconsistencies that will probably be fixed in future updates. But right now, using Lion Server is a tad ...

With OS X Lion Server, Apple is blurring the distinction between client and server operating systems. To John Welch, that's not a bad thing.

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25 Jul 2011 ... The new Profile Manager is a nice addition, but in almost every other respect, Lion Server is a downgrade that may prompt a move to Windows Server.

In-Depth with Mac OS X Lion Server. by Andrew Cunningham on 8/2/2011 8:00: 00 AM Posted in Apple , Mac , OS X , Lion. Mac OS X Server costs 5% of what it cost just three years ago. Whatever your needs and whatever the software's ...

If you're considering a Mac OS X server for your small business, school, nonprofit, or home network, this easy-to-follow guide will help you get up and running in no time. You'll learn how to share files, mail, and calendar information on...

2 days ago ... Anyone who needs to share Mac services on a network of any size; Anyone who needs an understanding of using Mac ... Pick up a Mac mini, a copy of Lion Server, and this course and you'll have the office collaborating and ...

2 days ago ... Anyone who needs to share Mac services on a network of any size; Anyone who needs an understanding of using Mac ... Pick up a Mac mini, a copy of Lion Server, and this course and you'll have the office collaborating and ...

22 Feb 2012 ... Erik Eckel outlines the steps to configuring share points in Lion Server.

Before you start the installation and configuration process, be sure to review and properly set up your Mac's DNS, DHCP, and IP address assignments.

OS X Lion Server comes with its own Server app that you can use to perform basic Lion Server administration tasks. With this guide, you can learn the basics of using the Server app.

Installing OS X Lion Server is a pretty straightforward task, but there are some pre -installation housekeeping chores that you must perform. If you don't prepare correctly, your Lion Server installation may have problems down the road.

Installation and configuration are automatically performed once you start the Server app. When they're complete, you can continue to use the basic Server app to administer your server, or you can use the advanced Server Admin Tools 10.7.

Open Directory is an important service that you should probably be running on your Lion Server. Setting up Open Directory is much easier with Lion than with previous versions of OS X Server. This guide will walk you through the setup ...

This collection of guides to installing, configuring, and administrating OS X Lion Server will have you up and running, and managing services, in no time. Geared towards first-time administrators, or individuals who need a quick reference, this ...

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How do I know which Mac server version I have? I see OS X Lion is available but idk if I already have it
2012/7/1/ 16:24:32
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