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Version 3.21 (Apr 19, 2012)


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These Digital Producer tutorials are a complete guide to making music using digital sources–loops, synthesizers, and samplers. They cover a wide variety of musical genres—everything from making beats to creating orchestral tracks.
The Overview and Concepts sections present a brief history of digital music production and the role of the producer as well as providing a foundation of basic audio and MIDI concepts used throughout the course. There are two general sections, Synths & Samplers and Time & Pitch which illustrate the techniques of digital music production. These sections use examples primarily from Native Instruments Absynth and Kontakt as well as Pro Tools Elastic Audio, FL Studio, and Spectrasonics Stylus RMX.
There are four sections which address creating music for specific instrument groups: The Drums section uses examples from FXpansion BFD and GURU as well as Ableton Live Impulse and FL Studio.

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20 Apr 2012 ... DMD's Digital Producer Know It All V3 A complete tutorial to making music using digital sources.

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